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Tone Craft Studio is a boutique 3rd party provider of quality digital profiles of physical musical gear,  it is based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States and is constantly developing, growing every week with another juicy amp or pedal being added.

What happens after you pay?

A download link will be sent automatically to your email address, from which you can download the ZIP file containing all preset files, same as in the product description page. Extract the downloaded file to your computer, select the desired preset file (or files) and drag-and-drop it (them) directly to your IK Multimedia ToneX application and you're all set.

Please make sure your email address is correct when you're filling up the order form. If you have any technical issues, don't hesitate to contact us through this CONTACT FORM on our website. Response times vary but usually it's within hours.

How it's done

* All amp profiles are captured in their purest forms using the D.I. and matching power load (for now), with no speaker cabinet included. There are two reasons for that. One is that majority of free ToneX captures found on Tone Net are taken with speaker cabs and sound just awful, second we don't want to repeat the same mistake and want to give our customers freedom of choice. This way you have free hand in changing cabinet's impulse responses (IR) according to your taste, and believe it or not, the speaker cabinet plays a major role in the resulting tone shaping. But don't worry, ToneX software still offers tons of FREE CABINET PROFILES YOU CAN USE WITH OUR PRESETS!

* Multiple amp profiles captured at different settings are always taken in order to get as close to the real amp characteristics as possible. E.g. gain, tone stack, and even master volume positions play a major role in the tone. ToneX model's virtual knobs are there then only for fine tuning of the result.

* We're always chasing the sweet spot, nice tube break ups, not much for an (ugly) tube saturation....

* ADA MP-1 profiles were taken from the preamp's regular outputs and the unit is presented as a pedal type in ToneX SW.

* All captures are of real gear in the best possible shape, recently serviced, recapped, etc.

* Last but not least, rack power conditioner is always used for both captured and ToneX Capture devices, as well as the computer.

* BTW, the photo collages at this website are those of actual amps / pedals / preamps used as a base for ToneX captures. Yes, they're real!

What's in the pipeline now?

1. Large profile pack of legendary Ampeg V-2
2. Another rare Supro Spectator 1614S
2. Peavey Ultra 120 Tonex pack
3. A pack of various overdrive pedal profiles

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