Ultimate ADA MIDI Suite: MP-1, MC-1, Samsung Laptop And MIDI Interface for Seamless Patch Editing

$999.00 USD

Create a unique sound in a flash!

This is your ultimate chance to complete a studio setup for seamless, real-time patch editing of the iconic ADA MP-1 guitar preamp and more. Experience a setup like no other! The year 2024 meets 1990!

The configuration allows you to program MP-1 patches in an instant, tweak every patch parameter individually in real-time, create the complete patch on the PC then upload to MP-1, upload individual or all patches from PC to MP-1, save individual or all programs from the MP-1 to your computer for back up, and of course share them with others.

And when you're finished creating the patches, take the rig for live performance utilizing the MC-1 footswitch to scroll through programs with an ease.

Shipping is free in lower 48 U.S. states.
For shipping out of U.S. please ask for details first.

What you'll get:

* One ADA MP-1, board revision "G"

* One ADA MC-1 MIDI Footswitch Controller

* MIDI Cable 25ft for MC-1

* OEM AC Adapter for MC-1 is included

* One M-Audio USB-to-MIDI interface

* MP-1 is at FW version 2.01

* Battery mod + new battery installed

* Brand new JJ ECC83 / 12AX7A tubes installed

* One Samsung Chromebook with pre-installed MIDI patch editing "idiot proof" suite for ADA MP-1, Marshall JMP-1, Rocktron Intellifex, ART SGX 2000 and other generic MIDI SysEX-supporting devices. DC charger is also included. The laptop has 2 USB-A ports, one HDMI to connect your external monitor and one slot for microSD card. The suite has been tested mainly with MP-1 but will probably work with the rest of listed devices without an issue. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

* This ADA MP-1 is freshly serviced and carefully inspected unit by Mad Slav Amps, Beaverton, OR. It is ready to rock for many years to come. Caps in the power supply as well as tube board caps were replaced and the unit is practically hum free. Excellent condition, check the pictures. This time it's the year 1990, rings a bell? Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai, Zak Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Night Ranger, Marty McFly, wow, who doesn't remember these great times? See the pictures of the inside, a beauty, isn't she?

* Notable ADA MP-1 players / bands:

- Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)

- Paul Gilbert

- White Lion

- Skid Row

- Smashing Pumpkins

- Metallica


Note: The up-arrow button on the MP-1's front panel can be a bit finicky and may act up at times. However, since the unit can be controlled remotely with a computer or the MC-1 footswitch, it doesn't play a significant role in this setup.