Rare Guyatone DD-1 Digital Delay, w/ Modulation, Made In Japan, 1980s

$209.00 USD

* Selling rare vintage Guyatone DD-1 Digital Delay pedal

* Attention: This is NOT your ordinary delay pedal, Guyatone did something big here. By leveraging modulation knobs, the pedal can be turned into 4 or 5 different types of effects. Classic delay, short looper, chorus, flanger, vibrato and even phaser. The vibrato setting sounds like Univibe. Want to make your 6-string guitar sound like 12-string acoustic? Want some abstract self-oscillating sounds? Go Guyatone! This pedal is so cool!

* Delay times from 16ms to 1 second.

* In a very good shape, 100% working order, tested, cleaned and disinfected

* Buy quality, buy with confidence!

For those who don't know much about Guyatone brand, also known as Tokyo Sound Company, it's a Japanese company with long tradition in musical instrument business, producing instruments, amps, effects, etc. since 1950s. Their products are of a very high quality and fall into the same category as Boss/Roland, Maxon, Ibanez which are all Japanese brands from the same era. Many Guyatone effects were also being sold in the United States and worldwide under the various brands, such as Ibanez, Vox, Ampeg, Rozz, Fender, etc. In terms of quality and reliability Guyatone stands very high and on the same or comparable level as other HQ Japanese brands, using high quality components, sturdy enclosure builds, effective circuit designs, etc.