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Maxon PUE3G aka Ibanez PT3 Guitar Power Trio, w/ Integrated Tube Screamer, MIJ, 1991

$119.00 USD

* Vintage PUE3G Guitar Multiffects Pedal

* Excellent, 100% working condition, everything tested, cleaned and disinfected

* New switches installed!

* Distortion is based on the famous Ibanez Tube Screamer circuit, Maxon actually designed it for Ibanez

* Made In Japan in 1991

* Also known as Ibanez PT3 Guitar Power Trio

* Analog effects: Distortion, Chorus

* Digital effect: Digital Delay

* Runs off of a regular 9V BOSS style adapter, with center negative (not included)

* In 100% working order, overhauled by a local pro tech, ready to rock for many years to come, guaranteed

* Buy quality, buy with confidence!

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