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Vintage Electro-Harmonix EH4800 Small Stone Phaser, w/ Box, 1981, Made In USA, Great Shape

$225.00 USD

* Selling Electro-Harmonix EH4800 Small Stone Phaser Pedal w/ original box

* Made in USA in 1981, not a reissue, it's original

* In a very good condition, 100% working, checked out, cleaned and disinfected

* DC adapter pigtail included, so you can use classic BOSS style 9V adapter with center negative

* Great addition to your collection of vintage gear

* Buy quality, buy with confidence!


Get the sound that made the Classic 1970s Small Stone famous. Generates thick sweeping phase shifting with liquid transparency. Feedback color control adds a tingling swirl. Blues players dig the Stone's rapid rotating speaker effect. Country players add tasty seasoning to their chicken pickin'. Metal-heads dig its jet plane swoosh.

Quick Specs

* True bypass

* Variable rate control allows slow and smooth to rapid edge frequency sweeps

* Color switch adds Q and thins the moving comb filters

* Tough and compact metal chassis

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