Rare Nobels Sound Studio 1, Serviced, Made In Taiwan, 1980s

$289.00 USD

* Selling rare Nobels Sound Studio 1

* Design directly derived from Ross Rock Box RB20, which was used on Def Leppard's Hysteria Album

* It's in a very good shape, with some minor cosmetic imperfections from the regular use

* Features Distortion, Overdrive, Analog Delay, Analog Chorus and Compressor

* All features are working, the effect was serviced, thoroughly tested, cleaned and disinfected. Ready for the next 40 years of joy, no kidding!

* Buy quality, buy with confidence!

* Free shipping to lower 48 continuous states


The engineers at Nobels pulled the concept directly from the Rockman playbook. As such it offered a fully produced guitar tone in a compact form factor but adding some new features making it a little more suitable for pro-studio use:

* Adjustable Delay level

* Adjustable Chorus rate

* Adjustable Compression

* Send/Return loop

* Footswitchable between Dist and any of the other sounds

* Metal desktop enclosure

* 1/4 jacks with separate Left and Right outputs

* Straight sound option

* 440 Hz tuner tone

While the sound is similar to the Rockman, the distortion is not as intense at the highest setting. These are hard to find these days especially a tested and working unit like this one.