Classic Brit 401 - Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 Based ToneX Capture Pack

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About Capture Source:
The Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 is a popular guitar tube amp that is part of Marshall's DSL series, known for its versatile sound and powerful performance capabilities, its excellent tonal versatility and classic Marshall sound. Whether you're a classic rock enthusiast or a metal shredder, this amp provides the right balance of vintage warmth and modern gain, making it a favorite among guitar players seeking reliable and high-quality amplification.

This 2002 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 is straight from the tech's workshop, freshly serviced, equipped with new EL84 quad well broken in and properly biased. Sounds better than new!

The amp was profiled using the speaker output D.I. and a dummy load, making it a perfect candidate for switching among various virtual speaker cabs or your own IRs, according to your taste. There's also tons of free high quality cabinets available for you to download from IK Multimedia ToneNet and use them with our presets.

Master volume set to 1 o'clock, so the EL84-quad power section is always engaged in the resulting tonal characteristics. Also some of the profiles include an overdrive stomp in the signal chain, namely BOSS SD-1 (Japan made, 1984) and Guyatone OD2. Check it out yourself!

This ToneX pack contains 20 presets based on 20 carefully crafted, hand picked individual models:

Classic Brit 401 80s Rock
Classic Brit 401 AC/DC TNT
Classic Brit 401 AC/DC With SD-1
Classic Brit 401 Another Slash
Classic Brit 401 Cl. Rock Crunch
Classic Brit 401 Classic Rock
Classic Brit 401 Clean Clean!
Classic Brit 401 Country Clean
Classic Brit 401 Crunch
Classic Brit 401 Dave Grohl
Classic Brit 401 EVH Unchained
Classic Brit 401 Full Crunch
Classic Brit 401 Hi Gain Blues
Classic Brit 401 J.G. Walk Away
Classic Brit 401 Lead Slash
Classic Brit 401 Lead w Guyatone
Classic Brit 401 OD2 Lead 1
Classic Brit 401 OD2 Lead 2
Classic Brit 401 OD2 Lead 3
Classic Brit 401 OD2 Lead w/ SD1

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