Classic Brit Lead 12 - Marshall Lead 12 5005 Based ToneX Models, Plexi Vibes!

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About Capture Source:
The Marshall Lead 12 5005 combo is known for its classic Marshall tone, characterized by its warm, punchy sound with a pronounced midrange. It's especially well-suited for rock and blues styles, delivering that iconic British overdrive that Marshall amplifiers are famous for. And sounds like the classic Plexi, check it out!

This 1985 Marshall Lead 12 amp is straight from the tech's workshop, freshly serviced. Sounds better than new!

The amp was profiled using the front HP output and a DI, making it a perfect candidate for switching among various virtual speaker cabs or your own IRs, according to your taste.
Free 4x12 1960s Marshall cabinet is already assigned to all presets for you to enjoy the true Marshall tones and this combination sounds just fabulous! Match made in heaven.
There's also tons of free high quality cabinets available for you to download from IK Multimedia ToneNet and use them with our presets.

This ToneX pack contains 10 quality presets based on 10 individual captures of great sounding settings:

Classic Brit Lead 12 - 80s HM
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Clean 1
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Clean 2
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Crunch 1
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Crunch 2
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Crunch 3
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Rainbow 1
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Rainbow 2
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Solo
Classic Brit Lead 12 - Trash M

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