Vintage Muff ToneX Pack - Based On 1979 Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

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About Capture Source:
Join the ranks of legendary musicians like David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix who have embraced the Big Muff Pi. Whether you're shredding solos, crafting ambient textures, or exploring new sonic territories, this pedal is your ticket to sonic bliss.
From classic rock anthems to modern experimental sounds, the Big Muff Pi adapts to your playing style and musical genre. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it an essential tool for every guitarist's arsenal.
This pedal is the original Made In USA, Version 5, EH-3003 from 1979 in excellent working shape, with clean pots and jacks and powered by 9V battery to obtain the cleanest, hum-free, signal chain as the best base for the model capture. Version 5 is considered as one of the best sounding Muff's in the history.

The comprehensive ToneX pack contains 18 presets based on 18 individual models of the best hand picked dial combinations. SUS = Sustain, TONE = Tone, numbers are in AM and PM.

Vintage Muff 12 O'Clock
Vintage Muff Full Throttle
Vintage Muff SUS1 TONE5
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE1
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE9
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE11
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE12
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE2
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE3
Vintage Muff SUS5 TONE4
Vintage Muff SUS9 TONE2
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE1
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE4
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE8
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE9
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE10
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE11
Vintage Muff SUS12 TONE2:30

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