Gauguin CHA 33 - Bogen CHA 33 Based ToneX Capture Pack

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About Capture Source:
The Bogen CHA 33, a vintage tube amplifier from 1959 originally designed for PA systems, is gaining more and more popularity among guitar players nowadays. Mainly for its classic tube tonal characteristics, as well as ability to push the amp into the sweet warm tube overdrive, making it comparable to the legendary Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 combo.

Great for blues, country music, or anything southern, also great for any Chris Rea stuff! From crystal clear and crisp cleans to sweet tube overdriven tones, takes classic overdrive pedals nicely too. This particular piece is equipped with original preamp tubes 12AX7, 6AV6, and NOS 6L6GB power tubes. It is serviced and probably in better shape than it was sold back in 1959.

The amp was profiled using the speaker output D.I. and a dummy load, making it a perfect candidate for switching among various virtual speaker cabs or your own IRs, according to your taste. There's also tons of free high quality cabinets available for you to download from IK Multimedia ToneNet and use them with our presets.
It sounds great with vintage Fender based 2 x 12 cabs, for example. Bogen CHA 33 doesn't have master volume control, the amount of distortion is driven by the input volume settings, so all models are derived not only from the tone stack settings but also from the volume knob position.

This ToneX pack contains 17 presets based on 17 carefully crafted, hand picked individual models:

Gauguin CHA 33 Bassy Clean
Gauguin CHA 33 BassyGlassy Clean
Gauguin CHA 33 Blues Solo
Gauguin CHA 33 Chris Rea Clean
Gauguin CHA 33 Chris Rea Lead 1
Gauguin CHA 33 Chris Rea Lead 2
Gauguin CHA 33 Chris Rea Rhythm1
Gauguin CHA 33 Chris Rea Rhythm2
Gauguin CHA 33 Crunch 1
Gauguin CHA 33 Crunch 2
Gauguin CHA 33 Crunch 3
Gauguin CHA 33 Crunch Bright 1
Gauguin CHA 33 Crunch Rhythm
Gauguin CHA 33 Fuzzy Tube Lead 1
Gauguin CHA 33 Fuzzy Tube Lead 2
Gauguin CHA 33 Keith Richards
Gauguin CHA 33 Light Break Up

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