Super 606 - Supro Super 606 Based Tonex Capture Pack

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About Capture Source:
Supro Super 606 is relatively rare 5-Watt, small and lightweight combo amp. It was made in Chicago, USA in around 1960 by notorious amp making company of the era - Valco.

The amp has a very simple construction, consisting of one 12AX7 preamp tube, one 6V6 power tube in single-ended setup and one 5Y3 rectifier tube. The beauty in simplicity right there! All tubes are original from the early 1960s.

Soundwise, it sounds a bit darker with missing some of the high frequencies which makes the combo perfect for mellow styles like jazz or blues, or just noodling around. It also produces some very nice tube overdrive break ups when you drive the volume a bit harder. Last but not least, it sounds just like a small combo, maybe because it is a small combo, huh?

The amp was profiled using the speaker output D.I. and a dummy load, making it a perfect candidate for switching among various virtual speaker cabs or your own IRs, according to your taste. There's also tons of free high quality cabinets available for you to download from IK Multimedia ToneNet and use them with our presets.
Since it has only a volume knob, all usable volume settings were captured, going from 11AM all the way till 6PM in 1hr steps.

This ToneX pack contains 8 presets based on 8 carefully crafted, hand picked individual models:

Super 606 - Clean I
Super 606 - Clean II
Super 606 - Jazz Solo I
Super 606 - Jazz Solo II
Super 606 - Blues OD I
Super 606 - Blues OD II
Super 606 - Blues OD III
Super 606 - Blues OD IV

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