Pedal-To-The-Metal Ultimate ToneX Pack Vol. 1 + BONUS!

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The best hand-picked presets based on 30 individual models of 10 popular metal pedals, 3 captures for each, 30 in total. That's less than a dollar for one pedal.
BONUS: Pick one pedal you like most, drop us a message and you'll get a complete pack of profiles for that pedal, for free!

1. Boss Distortion DS-1 Silverscrew Long Dash (Oct 1980)
2. Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 (1987)
3. Boss Xtortion XT-2 (1996)
4. Digitech Death Metal (2000s)
5. DOD Metal Maniac FX58 (late 80s)
6. Guyatone Flip Valve Metal Monster MM1 (80s)
7. Guyatone Metal Master MM2 (80s)
8. Moridaira Next Distortion X (80s)
9. Proco RAT R2DU (1990)
10. Rocktron Reaction Distortion 1 (2000s)

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