RockBlox - Ross Rock Box Based ToneX Capture Pack (Def Leppard)

$3.99 USD

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About Capture Source:
Ross Rock Box is a clone of legendary Tom Scholz's Rockman, but not entirely. Ross came up with their own design but got quickly sued by Tom for striking similarities and features and had to be withdrawn from the market. Not quickly enough though, Def Leppard managed to record the whole album Hysteria with it back in 1985. This unit is the original from around 1985 and not a JHS reissue, real deal!
Real Ross Rock Box is almost unobtainable and the last one sold on Reverb for $650 !!

ToneX Pack Contains five types of presets based on individual profiles/models:
Normal, Clean 1, Clean 2, Overdrive and Distortion. These are hard-configured and neither the gain nor tone can be modified. Delay and chorus effects are not included in the pack, since ToneX does not profile time-based / modulation effects.

1. Normal Channel
2. Clean 1 Channel
3. Clean 2 Channel
4. O.DRIVE Channel
5. DIST Channel

Sample Preset

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