RuBigMuff - EH Russian Big Muff PI Based Tonex Pack

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Already on its way to classic status, the Electro Harmonix Sovtek Black Russian Big Muff PI is favored by many players for its great bass response and nearly infinite sustain. This Muff is great for leads or thick wall-of-sound fuzz. Made In Russia.

This ToneX pack contains 10 presets based on 10 individual models of the best hand picked dial combinations. SUS = Sustain, TONE = Tone, numbers are in AM and PM. Ask for quality, not quantity!

Ru Big Muff All 12 O'clock
Ru Big Muff | SUS12 | TONE11 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS9 | TONE2 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS5 | TONE9 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS1 | TONE5 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS5 | TONE11 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS12 | TONE3 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS5 | TONE12 |
Ru Big Muff | SUS5 | TONE1 |
Ru Big Muff Full Throttle

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