MPADA PG - ADA MP-1 Based ToneX Pack Of Paul Gilbert's Patches

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About Capture Source:
ADA MP-1 needs no introduction, it is one of the most popular MIDI tube preamps of the late 80s and early 90s era. Used on countless of recordings by many famous artists. This particular ADA MP-1 is one of the best sounding ones which I laid my hands on in the past several years. It is freshly serviced with tube section recapped. Made In USA in around 1990.
Real ADA MP-1 goes for about $600-$1000 on Reverb !!

This ToneX pack contains 32 presets based on 32 individual models of known Paul Gilbert's ADA MP-1 patches.
Note: There is some mystery going on about few patches on the list having OD1 gain set to 0 by Paul, they may have been used to mute this particular ADA MP-1, he used multiple MP-1s at the same time in his rack. They have been skipped when profiling. Also many of his patches include chorus settings which must be added to the chain to emulate Paul's sound properly, its values are recorded in the notes for each of the applicable models. 'D' stands for chorus depth and is in the range between 0% to 100%, 'R' stands for chorus rate in Hz and is in the range between 0Hz to 10Hz.

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