Single Prize 15W - A Monoprice Stage Right 15W Based Tonex Capture Pack

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About Capture Source:
Monoprice Stage Right 15W is a tube amp which can easily compete with amps like Fender Blues Jr. or Peavey Classic 20 when it comes to tonality, dynamic range and a classic warm tube sound with a typical overdrive break up at higher gain settings. And it doesn't get muddy or saturated even when you dial up the gain, all notes are still clear. Great for blues, country music, classic rock. This particular piece is equipped with new JJ ECC83 and JJ EL84 tubes, which adds a unique spectrum to the resulting tone. Don't get confused by the budget market price of the combo, this amp is simply great and a true hidden gem!

The amp was profiled using the speaker output D.I. and a dummy load, making it a perfect candidate for switching among various virtual speaker cabs or your own IRs, according to your taste. There's also tons of free high quality cabinets available for you to download from IK Multimedia ToneNet and use them with our presets.
Master volume is set to 1 o'clock, so the EL84-pair power section is always engaged in the resulting tonal characteristics.

This ToneX pack contains 10 presets based on 10 carefully crafted, hand picked individual models:

Monoprice 15W Blues
Monoprice 15W Blues Lead
Monoprice 15W Clean
Monoprice 15W Hi-Drive
Monoprice 15W Mid Gain 1
Monoprice 15W Mid Gain 2
Monoprice 15W Nice Overdrive
Monoprice 15W Rock Rhythm
Monoprice 15W Rock Solo
Monoprice 15W Slight Crunch

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