Rack Rat - Proco RAT R2DU Based Tonex Capture Pack

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About Capture Source:
ProCo RAT R2DU, aka Rack Rat, allegedly contains two identical RAT distortions inside. Doesn't need to be always true. This one has silicone clipping diodes in Channel A and LED diodes in Channel B, effectively making this channel a Turbo RAT. Legendary Motorola LM308N chips are inside too. Made In USA in 1990.
Real Rack RAT goes for about $400-$500 on Reverb !!

ToneX pack contains these presets based on 22 individual models:
1. 9 Filter and Distortion Combinations for Channel A (Classic RAT)
2. 9 Filter and Distortion Combinations for Channel B (Turbo RAT)
3. Additional handful of captures with channels A and B chained together, which is an absolute massacre!

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