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Zoom TM-01 Tri Metal Distortion, High Gain Guitar Pedal, MIJ, 2000s

$109.00 USD

* Selling TM-01 Tri Metal Distortion

* Fully Analog

* Runs off of a standard 9V battery or BOSS style DC 9V adapter

* Made In Japan

* In a very good shape, 100% working order, tested, cleaned and disinfected

* Buy quality, buy with confidence!


Here is a fairly rare distortion unit from Zoom from the early 2000's. It's fully analog and has a parametric mid sweep that is useful across the entire range. For mid-scoopers this not only allows you to cut your mids, you can choose the frequency range that is being cut too. Very cool. Very low noise, very modern high gain machine. If you want to get your metal tone from a single pedal, this bad boy will get you there better than most. This will take you from Metallica, to Meshuggah and all the way to Cannibal Corpse.